For Buyers

We know the Tahoe Truckee area like the back of our hands, both in terms of real estate, and fun.  All of us live here because we love what the area provides.  We downhill ski, nordic ski, ride mountain bikes, road bikes, and motorcycles.  We boat on the lakes; we fish in the rivers; we hike and run on the trails. We know where to eat, where to hang out on the beach, where to listen to music, and where to get the best views.  We know all this because we live it, and we can help you understand the ins and outs of our area too.

Buying in Tahoe or Truckee isn’t just a matter of finding a nice house.  What you want to do with your Tahoe time will determine where you want to live – what area, what neighborhood, what street, and even what side of the street; these things matter.  Additionally, winter in our area is tons of fun, but a Tahoe winter can be a very new experience for many first time buyers.  Snow loads, roof shedding, driveway issues, sun exposure – all change the complexion of a house from its summer self to its winter self.  We don’t want you to think of what could have or should have been, a year after you make your purchase.  We want to use our experience and knowledge about real estate and the Tahoe Truckee area to help you make the right purchase the first time.