For Sellers

Tahoe Truckee Homes approach to listing properties for sale is, like all things with TTH, very straightforward.  Our goal is to give prospective sellers genuine, honest advice that will make selling their home as quick and painless as possible.   We are extremely thorough and meticulous in how we evaluate a property’s market value, making sure to consider all of the unique elements a property may bring to the table.  Position on the street, orientation to winter sun, proximity to trails, mature landscaping, street traffic, etc., all have an effect on the value of a property.  Nobody knows more than the owner just what makes a property special, and we make sure to include the perspective and experiences of the homeowner when determining our valuation.  We combine that perspective with data, including recently sold comps, contingent sales, and the asking prices of currently available homes in the neighborhood.  Lastly, we use our personal experience as real estate professionals and long-time area residents to come to a final suggested valuation.  In addition to our own valuation, we often suggest that an independent, licensed real estate appraiser provide an appraisal of your property’s value, the expense for which we will reimburse you after the property sells.  We find that this is a very effective selling tool, and an even more effective negotiating tool when offers come in.  Additionally, having an appraisal is your assurance that the property is accurately priced within the current market.  Knowing the true market value of your property gives us confident footing on which to build a marketing plan that will result in the sale you are looking for.

A correctly priced home will sell, so we can’t stress enough how important initial pricing is for a successful sale.  Starting at an unrealistic price generally has a negative effect on the sales process.  Tahoe/Truckee real estate is a very seasonal market, so timing is quite important.  An initially overpriced home with multiple price reductions over the course of a selling season may very well result in a lower sales price than for a home that was accurately priced from the start, and in fact may result in missing the sales season all together.  As much as we want to list homes for sale, we won’t take a listing if we cannot come to an agreement on listing price with the owner.  Listing an overpriced home for sale will only result in frustration for the owner, a wasted investment for us, and an expired listing.  Please take a minute to read our testimonials.  We want every one of our transactions to end with a positive result that will hopefully illicit additional testimonials like the ones you just read, which is why we are careful about creating false expectations through unrealistic pricing.

After carefully evaluating your property, we work hard to make sure it is seen by prospective buyers.  We will place your property (complete with many pictures) on the featured listings section of our site, and depending on the marketing plan we agree to, we may advertise your property in full color real estate publications.  We will also make sure the property is seen by other realtors on the realtor only tour, create color fliers, advertise online (  ,  , etc.), advertise via social media, post on other real estate blogs, etc.

We feel that our integrity, customer service, and market knowledge are second to none, and would be glad to provide references in that regard.  We would be happy to sit down with you and show you how we arrived at this valuation and to present, in detail, our marketing plan for your property.