Carnelian Bay Area

There are two words generally associated with Carnelian Bay: Wet Woody®.  In 1860, Carnelian Bay was founded as “Cornelian Bay,” after Chalcedony (semi-precious stone) was found on its shoreline. You may not find Chalcedony today, but in its place you will find two dog-friendly public beaches, still very much spread with smooth pebbles. These are not sandy beaches where you will build sandcastles in the summer time, but we can bet you will be sun-swept with a Wet Woody® in hand.

Although the Carnelian Bay community is small, it offers all types of residential needs, from larger lakefront homes to the quaint cabin.  The neighborhood of Cedar Flat was once a summer home tract, with ‘Old World’ Tahoe style chalets and cabins set in the hills above the lake, some affording expansive and breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe.  Whether you choose to stay lakefront or rest high in the trees of Cedar Flats, Carnelian Bay has your Wet Woody® and sundrenched beaches waiting.

Just around the bend from Carnelian Bay is the humble, yet exclusive, community of Agate Bay. Homeowners can delight in the Agate Bay Pier and Swim Club with a pier for sunbathing, moored buoy rentals, summer time pool, clubhouse, and tennis courts.  The recreational amenities on the lake abound at Agate Bay, although restaurants and shops require a short drive west to Carnelian Bay, or heading further east along Lake Tahoe to Tahoe Vista.

Wooden boat racing and recreational boating surged in popularity here in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and today Carnelian Bay is still home to the “woody.” In 1988 Gar Woods Restaurant, Pier and Grill, began slinging the Wet Woody® and have poured over a two million of these rum drenched drinks to date.  Its namesake, Garfield Wood, was a boat builder in the 1920’s and 30’s, whose pleasure crafts were shipped to Lake Tahoe in the 1920’s and today can be found cruising the alpine lake in the summer, still in excellent shape. Gar Woods Restaurant has proven itself a local and tourist favorite, whether you’re on the deck for Wet Woody Wednesday or braving the cold for the annual Polar Bear Swim, Carnelian Bay and Gar Woods mix a cocktail of summer delight no other lakefront spot can.

Every August the Tahoe Yacht Club hosts the Concours d’Elegance at Sierra Boat Company, a full-service marina specializing in the restoration of classic wooden boats.  This wooden boat exhibition is a three-day affair attracting both history and nautical buffs alike. Tahoe Yacht Club is a private membership club founded in 1925 that ranks among the oldest boating associations in the West.  It has been a backbone of the maritime community at Lake Tahoe since its inception.

Situated across the street from Sierra Boat is an unassuming Lake Tahoe staple, CB’s Pizza and Grill, considered the best pie in North Lake Tahoe and known for their delectable zucchini sticks. On the sweeping curve of the Lake Tahoe shoreline, Sierra Boat Company, Gar Woods Restaurant, Pier and Grill and CB’s Pizza are the trifecta cornerstone of Carnelian Bay’s history and local culture.

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